Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Living Migraine Free

Don't treat your migraines, prevent them. A life without migraines is obtainable, I know. I was a migraine sufferer for 12 years and have been treating... preventing them for my patients for 15 years. The 95+% success rate achieved at my office comes from a combination of research, common sense and the hard work of my patients.

When I was a teen I suffered from terrible migraines several times a week. Like most of you I tried medications and bio feedback with little help. Regular chiropractic care offered relief, but my migraines continued. Relief came to me by accident, I was doing a food shopping and did not have enough money for everything. I had choice of eating or drinking my daily 2 liter bottle of Pepsi, I chose eating. Like magic my migraines disappeared over the next week. It took several weeks to recognize that soda, alcohol, etc. were causing my migraines, but once I eliminated them I felt great. Trigger foods are well documented but aren't the whole answer.

When I first started treating patients I was sure that a simple elimination diet was the answer for my migraine patients, but many did not respond. I was determined to find the answer to treating migraines. I did a review of thousands medical research articles on migraines and found the clues I needed. The best way to treat migraines is to successfully prevent them. In order prevent migraines I needed to determine the true underlying reason migraines occur.

They key to preventing migraines is realizing that they are caused by an overload of toxins in the body. A migraine can be seen as a really severe hangover caused not by alcohol, but all types of toxins from in and out of the body. The liver, the body's main system for eliminating toxins is overwhelmed in migraine suffers. The liver is not diseased, it just is not functioning fast enough to keep the body detoxified. Simple examples of a toxin can be alcohol, chemicals, caffeine, and drugs. Toxins also include hormones and chemical compounds the body naturally produces, but cannot detoxify fast enough. Toxins can even be foods if the digestive tract cannot break them properly, such as preservatives, artificial coloring and artificial flavorings This simple concept has lead to thousands of former migraine suffers living pain free. If toxins and slow liver function lead to migraines; then reducing the toxic load and increasing the livers function will prevent migraines.

Tracey T. was 40 years old and had been suffering with migraines for 13 years. She was taking Pamelor, Topamax, Esgic Plus, and Zomig with no relief. She was under the care of a neurologist, her 4th one, and getting a migraines daily. She was in good health overall and followed a healthy lifestyle; exercised and avoided alcohol and caffeine. She began her nutritional supplements, improved her diet and increased her water intake. Her 2 month check up showed that she had had only 1 migraine in 8 weeks and several mild headaches. She was working with her doctor to eliminate her medication and was now only taking 1, at reduced amount. A six month review showed that she was off all medication and doing great.

There are 10,000s of medical studies on migraines. The medical research I reviewed overwhelmingly supports a lifestyle change with nutritional supplementation approach.

Medical Research .... How it supports this approach

1. low B vitamins and Magnesium levels ....... needed nutrients in liver detoxification

2. woman 3x more likely to suffer with migraines .... woman produce more hormones to that need to be detoxified,

3. increase frequency and severity of migraines with menstrual cycle ..........the female body produce up to 4x as many hormones during a menstrual cycle

4. elimination diets helpful .... reduces toxin intake, less to detoxify so the liver can keep up with demand

5. medications cause 30-40% of headaches ...... medications need to be detoxified by the liver, increasing the toxic load

6. triggered by smoke, perfume, etc..... smells are all chemical compounds that increase the toxic load on the liver

There are also two lab tests that support that prove that slower liver detoxification is associated with migraines. The first is a liver function test, this is not your typical blood test. A functional liver test will measure how long it takes your body to breakdown and detoxify different chemical compounds including; caffeine, aspirin, and acetaminophen. The second test in cutting edge genome scanning. Migraine sufferers have been linked to a genetic defect in liver detoxification.

The liver needs about 8 weeks of reduced toxic load and nutritional support to detoxify. When my patients start the process we ask them to keep a diary of every migraine, how severe it was and how long it lasted. Most patients start to see a decrease in the frequency or severity within 3 weeks and are migraine free by their 8th week. Woman can usually tell they are better by their 3rd menstrual cycle. You may find that the 1st and 2nd week are a little rough as you adjust to your new diet and the body dumps the toxins. The following are some guidelines to follow:

Lifestyle changes to Prevent Migraines 
I recommend that my patients shoot for 100% success. The more you limit the toxins entering your body the greater your chance of success. An elimination diet alone will not work for most migraine sufferers. You will need to take nutritional supplements along with your lifestyle changes to live migraine free. Life does not always allow you to stay within the guideline, do the best you can.

Avoid the following:

caffeine and deceffeianted coffee, teas and sodas


artificial coloring

artificial flavoring



personal care products with heavy perfumes, switch to all natural 
cleaning products, switch to all natural

cigarette smoking or second hand smoke

alcohol - all forms

Consume the following:

60-80 ounces a day

High fiber foods; fruits, vegetables, grains

Nutritional Support: to promote increase liver detoxification






Cod liver oil

All natural multivitamin

B complex

Patients who are using OTC and prescription medication are slower to detoxify. Migraine suffers presently taking prescription medications should talk to their doctors. Together you can work out a plan to reduce and then eliminate your medications. Patients using medications on an as needed basis try to reduce the frequency of use, after a couple of weeks with new diet and lifestyle.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why doesn't my doctor know this?

A: Doctors are trained to treat diseases, not dysfunction. Doctors are most likely causing 30-40% of all migraines from the migraine medication they are prescribing and the rebound effect they cause.

Q: Is your protocol safe?

A: The lifestyle changes and nutritional support recommend are very safe

Q: Can I continue on my medication?

A: Yes, continue on your medication and start the protocol when you are feeling better talk to your doctor

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: You may feel a little worse for 1-2 weeks, but it is worth it to be migraine free in about 8 weeks

Q: What kind and where can I get the nutritional supplements?

A: The nutritional supplements listed are available in any good health food store. My office use professional grade nutrients that are available only through healthcare professionals, they are not available health food stores.

Could This Be Arthritis In My Hands

Hi Rusty. A few days ago, I slightly injured a finger on my hand. Now my hand is swelling with severe joint pain in the fingers. At first I thought this was a possible sprain in that region, but now my other hand is showing the same swelling of the fingers and pain of the joints. Should I go check this out right away? It doesn't seem to be getting worse today, but the pain and swelling are persistent. Could this be a sudden arthritis attack? I'm 38 years old and in good health (I just had a check-up at the doctor last week and the blood work came back okay).

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


Ouch, a little sprain is not supposed to do that. Unfortunately some times it does. I am sorry to hear about this. It is not unusual for arthritis to begin in an effected joint. It is not the norm for it to set in so quickly. There are different kinds of arthritis that can effect the hands and feet that can cause swelling. It is possible that arthritis was already beginning but not showing symptoms yet but this triggered a symptomatic response.

I am concerned that the pain is bilateral, effecting both sides. I doubt it is anything extremely serious but it would be good to see your doctor. The sooner the better. If nothing else, your doctor will be able to treat the pain and swelling. But if it is arthritis or one of the other conditions that can cause this type of swelling in the fingers the earlier the diagnosis the better.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Aromatherapy Massage - The Benefits

Aromatherapy massage tends to be more relaxing than other forms of massage such as Swedish. Longer, slower strokes are used, and the massage is much less vigorous. However this does not mean that Aromatherapy massage is not as beneficial in relaxing the muscles, it is just done in a different way.

When going for an Aromatherapy massage you should discuss with the aromatherapist what you hope to achieve from the therapy, if you have particular health or emotional problems you would like treated make sure your therapist knows this. Once you have told the aromatherapist all of your symptoms they will blend together some essential oils with a carrier oil that they feel will benefit you.

There are many essential oils to choose between, so trust your therapist to pick a blend that will include top, middle and base notes. You should feel able to ask your therapist why they are choosing the particular oils added to the blend, and you should check you like the scent of the blended oils before the massage begins.

Massage therapy has been proven to provide great comfort to those who are suffering emotionally, as touch can create the feeling of warmth and closeness. Add to this an uplifting blend of essential oils and the effects can be quite amazing. This is particularly true for people who suffer from emotional problems, and may find it hard to talk about their feelings.

Aromatherapy massage is also very good for moods, whether it be you are feeling low, angry, emotional, unhappy, stressed or any other emotion, there will be a blend of oils that can be made up to help. The slower pace of the massage also helps out in these circumstances and will be extremely beneficial.

Aromatherapy massage can also be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and many more. Just ensure your therapist checks the contraindications for the oils used as your skin is likely to be much more sensitive.

A little fact many people aren't aware of is that Aromatherapy massage can assist with weight loss. The massage itself boosts the circulation and encourages lymph drainage, which will help, add to this a special blend of essential oils suited to your individual weight loss needs and it's a winning formula.

There are endless benefits when it comes to aromatherapy massage, way too many to be listed here. If you are interested in booking a massage ensure that the therapist is qualified and look to see if they have any recommendations. Many massage therapists advertise Aromatherapy Massage, but will use pre-blended shop bought oils, these will not offer anywhere near the same benefits as a blend that is made specifically for your needs, so ask them about this when booking the massage.

Feng Shui Aromatherapy

Feng shui literally means 'wind water' and is a term first coined by Guo Po (276-324 AD) in his book entitled 'Zangshu'... "Qi rides the wind and scatters, but it is retained when encountering water".

Wind corresponds to Wood in the five element model upon which feng shui is based, the other four elements being Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal. It is through a system of correspondences that feng shui practice aims to balance the five elements, and in so doing it achieves it's purpose of delivering health and harmony.

Feng shui aromatherapy is all about enabling the essential balance that leads to well-being and harmony. Essential balance is a state of being that we all experience from time to time, to a greater or lesser extent. We can tell when we are balanced when we feel healthy and happy.

We also know that we can avoid putting our health and happiness in danger by doing the right thing e.g. eating sensibly, exercising moderately, getting enough sleep, getting the work/rest/play/family balance right and having good intentions... but the twists and turns of life often intervene to knock us off balance. Sometimes we can even be our own worst enemies and then have to suffer the consequences!

Maintaining a balanced five element energy state or correcting, by degrees, elemental energy imbalances... these are the aims of feng shui aromatherapy.

The origins of feng shui aromatherapy go back thousands of years, to the times of the three legendary Emperors of China. The first of these Emperors - Fu Shi (c.3322 BC) - defined the secrets of energetic life with the 8 Trigrams. The second - Shen Nung (c.2788 BC) - classified the properties of plants according to yin/yang balance and five element correspondences. The third Emperor - Huang Di (2697-2574 BC) - described the internal energy model that creates, controls and sustains physical form and function.

The combined knowledge given by these three legendary Emperors allows us to firstly, determine anyone's five element essential balance from birth; secondly, categorise essential oils from plants according to their yin/yang and five element properties; and thirdly, create blends of essential oils that enable the balance that leads to well-being and harmony.

Blends of essential oils are formulated according to our 'personal energy signature' created at birth. The quality and quantity of this personal energy, created at birth, circulates within our body (the meridians used in acupuncture) to determine how we function and how well we function. Feng shui aromatherapy is, therefore, truly holistic aromatherapy!

Bath Salts Can Be Used to Detox the Body and Mind

Bath salts have been getting such a bad rap these days. When used properly they are in no way supposed to turn you into a face-eating zombie. Magnesium sulfate, a.k.a Epsom salts has powerful medicinal properties for both internal and external. Magnesium sulfate is a naturally occurring compound and is easily absorbed through the skin making it a very strong means of healing. Some of the benefits of soaking in a tub with Epsom salts are as follows:

- Eases muscle tension 
- Lessens stress 
- Helps to flush out toxins through the skin (our largest organ) 
- Relaxes the nervous system 
- Lowers blood pressure 
- Softens skin 
- Deodorizes 
- Treat fungus & athlete's foot 
- Comforts symptoms of gout 
- Helps you sleep 
- Helps to alleviate constipation by increasing the amount of water in the intestines.

Tame the Zombie Bath Salt Recipe

1 cup of Epsom salts 
¼ cup of baking soda 
5 drops of Lavender essential oil 
5 drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil 
¼ cup of olive oil

As the bath fills up with very warm water, add the Epsom salts and baking soda. When tub has finished filling and water is turned off add essential oils and olive oil. Soak in tub for up to 30 minutes. You may want to light some candles and listen to Zen radio on Pandora for this. This is also best when done right before bed. Get ready for a very good night's sleep.

Invigorate Yourself Bath Salt Recipe

1 cup of Epsom salts 
¼ cup of baking soda 
5 drops of Grapefruit essential oil 
5 drops of Sweet orange essential oil

Energize Yourself Bath Salt Recipe

1 cup of Epsom salts 
¼ cup of baking soda 
6 drops Eucalyptus essential oil 
4 drops Rosemary essential oil

Follow steps as above however you may want to soak earlier in the day and perhaps listen to Korn radio.

If you are interested in taking Epsom salts orally to help relieve constipation, help increase the effectiveness of insulin when used as a treatment for diabetes, and improve heart health, then take the following dosage:

Make a solution by combining 2 tbsp. of Epsom salt for every quart of room temperate water. Drink up buttercup. You should have a bowel movement in 30 minutes.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The operation of stylostixis for the load Loss method

It is essential to urge some info regarding the stylostixis for weight loss and its effects, before you opt for this method. Actually, this technique was originated thousands of years past in China. it's the oldest and one amongst the foremost usually used weight loss treatments that's utilized by the billions of individuals everywhere the planet.

Nowadays, there square measure too several weight-loss treatments accessible however stylostixis for weight loss is taken into account jointly of the foremost effective treatments, since it works in a very natural approach. during this technique long, skinny and sterilized needles inserted into the figure, that provides a awfully soothing and calming impact. It conjointly has the flexibility to regulate binging, that unremarkably begins as a result of the strain. it's a proven fact that the most important reason behind deadly sin is stress, that is one amongst the main causes of avoirdupois. This stylostixis for weight loss technique will management the anxiety and stress and conjointly facilitate to stay your body relaxed that cut back the tendency of deadly sin.

As i discussed earlier that there square measure too several points of stylostixis in our body ANd an acupuncturist selects the points for inserting the needles once the designation of patients. once designation, the needles square measure inserted into the points for regarding thirty to 45 minutes per session. the most stress of this treatment is to concentrate on the modification of modus vivendi. Usually, it deals with the metabolism of the figure that may be chargeable for the overweight problems.

This technique helps plenty in reducing the food cravings and improves the blood circulation. It conjointly will increase the rate. This method not solely found to be advantageous to regulate weight, however it's conjointly terribly useful in dominant the steroid alcohol level of the body by targeting the particular points of the figure. you'll get some nice advantages from this method, if it's combined with the balanced and correct diet.

Following square measure some special points on the body that square measure hand-picked by the tough and knowledgeable acupuncturists, so as to urge eliminate the overweight issues safely and in a very short fundamental measure. Thyroid is targeted by the acupuncturists to slow the speed of metabolism, spleen is targeted to heal the secretion and sugar imbalance, mouth is targeted for the very impulsive eaters, urinary organ is targeted with needles for the water retention and systema nervosum and abdomen for avoirdupois.

No doubt, stylostixis for weight loss may be a marvelous technique. However, before beginning any treatment it's vital to create positive that your acupuncturist is tough and adept. conjointly ensure that each one the stylostixis needles square measure properly sterilized.

6 previous Wives' Tales that employment

I am certain you have got detected comments like 'Cracking your knuckles can offer you arthritis' or 'Watching an excessive amount of TV can injury your eyes'. previous wives' tales area unit like that, some have might need been helpful at some purpose, some area unit simply belief et al. really area unit terribly helpful and economical. After all, several of the 'Old wives' tales' are bimanual down by midwives and healers that were valued medical practitioners.

I have collected for you half-dozen 'Old wives' tales' that work.

1- do not GO OUTSIDE WITH WET HAIR OR attend BED WITH WET HAIR otherwise you can CATCH a chilly.

According to Chinese medication, the damp and also the cold (especially in winter) from going outside with a wet hair will result in Associate in Nursing invasion of cold, the beginning of what we tend to usually decision 'a cold'. while this sounds somewhat shocking, analysis has recently shown that being cold really lowers our system, creating North American country a lot of liable to catch a chilly.

2- IF you're feeling sickening, TAKE SOME GINGER.

This is a trick that quite an few pregnant ladies full of sickness have tried. And it works, particularly if the lady is tired and tends to be cold. you'll purchase some ginger capsules over the counter or maybe higher, you'll create a brew with regarding one teaspoon of grated contemporary ginger during a cup of plight. One or 2 'ginger tea' each day is sometimes masses to stay the nausea trapped.

3- do not EAT SPICY FOODS IF you're liable to ULCERS.

Mouth ulcers may be attributable to terribly completely different reasons. however if your ulcers look red, either terribly rimmed or pale rimmed ulcers, then you almost certainly higher heading off terribly heating substances like hot peppers and chilly.

4- soup can CURE YOUR COLD.

This is definitely what our grandparents would have told North American country to try and do. And with sensible reasons. soup may be a dedicated thanks to fight fatigue and provides you a lift thereby supporting your body to fight the infection off.

5- IF you have got A abdomen ACHE OR symptom, DRINK PEPPERMINT TEA.

Peppermint tea may be a cooling and moving herb creating the perfect answer once you have over indulged yourself. it'll facilitate the abdomen to address the surplus of food and make sure that the food keeps moving (and not keep sort of a large weight on your stomach).


Actually, i'm certain you have got realised that the recommendation here is sometimes conflicting. Some folks advise to place some heat on the painful space et al. advise to place some cold.

When your back, neck or joints like the knee hurt, each cold or heat will facilitate relieving the pain. If the joint is hot to the touch, looks red, then cold is that the best answer. you'll use a bag of frozen peas wrapped during a towel and place in your knee as an example.

But if the world is at a traditional temperature or feels cold, if the pain feels a lot of like Associate in Nursing ache, then a heat pad may be a higher answer. you'll use heat pads sold  at the chemist or wheat bag warm within the microwave. plight bottles, while nicely heat, may be prejudicial within the long haul as they're additionally creating the world damp, one thing you actually need to avoid if the joint is swollen as an example.